Michelin Launches the Michelin MEMS 4 With SMWG-311 Vibration Resistant Multiband Antenna

02 June 2022

Michelin, a French multinational company specializing in the design and distribution of tires, services and solutions best suited to customers' needs. As a leader in mobility, it is committed to improving its customers' mobility in a sustainable way; to designing and delivering the tires, services and solutions that best meet customers' needs.

They have invented a variety of tires for applications in multiple industries. Working with well-established customers in the mining community, they chose Mobile Mark's SMWG-311 antenna as the antenna solution for their MICHELIN MEMS 4 platform including Tire pressure Monitoring System.

The MICHELIN MEMS 4 platform including Tire Pressure Monitoring system is a powerful solution to manage tires and usage conditions. It combines downtime-fighting features, innovative equipment, and seamless connectivity to increase profits and reduce downtime by protecting your people, tires and equipment.


  • Too many antennas; too long to install
  • Older wireless technology was still being used
  • Coverage was difficult due to mining environment

The previous tyre monitoring system used multiple antennas to cover 3G, WiFi and GPS. The system needed to be consolidated and updated to cover new frequency bands. Data needs to be reliably transmitted both in-close to vehicle and from all corners of the mining field, and in a harsh, high vibration environment.


  • Multi-band package containing all antennas in one housing
  • Upgrade from 3G to 4G Cellular, and from GPS-only to GNSS system
  • Use vibration minimizing construction for vehicle antennas
  • Identify optimum mounting location for widest RF coverage
  • Install new, stronger, mounting bracket for antenna


  • SMWG-311 Multiband WIDEBAND Surface Mount Antenna
  • 3-Elements in ONE FOAM-FILLED RADOME