Intelsat and AMN team up to connect thousands of remote areas

22 June 2020

Satellite service provider Intelsat has joined forces with Africa Mobile Networks (AMN), a consortium that develops mobile network base stations in sub-Saharan Africa’s rural areas, to connect a thousand remote localities in the region.

The deal for this project was signed in October 2018 and by the end of 2019, the two partners had succeeded in connecting more than
500 localities. Access to the mobile network was facilitated by AMN’s solar-powered mobile connectivity solution and Intelsat’s satellites positioned on the continent, providing mobile broadband connectivity.

“Bringing mobile connectivity to the most rural parts of Africa requires hybrid networks and innovative business models to truly close the business case,” said Jean-Philippe Gillet, managing director of Intelsat’s network business. “Our work with AMN highlights how we can rapidly and cost-effectively, expand an MNO’s (Mobile Network Operator) reach and deliver critical connectivity to communities who many previously thought were impossible to connect.”
A total of 3.5 million more individuals that now have access to telecom services.