Wireless router is ready for the future

05 February 2021

Targeted at businesses with branch networks, the E3000 range is said by Cradlepoint to be the first 5G-optimised, all-in-one wireless edge router for the market.

Customers, it says, can set up a wireless WAN today using LTE and Wi-Fi technology and seamlessly upgrade to 5G in the future. 

Packaged as part of the company’s NetCloud Enterprise Branch Service, E3000 products contain an embedded gigabit-class LTE modem, integrated Wi-Fi 6, gigabit Ethernet ports for WAN/LAN connectivity, and expansion slots accommodate a secondary LTE modem module today with 5G modem and Bluetooth 5.0 modules due later this year. 

Cradlepoint says it can run processor-intensive WAN edge features within the NetCloud service at gigabit speeds, including BGP routing and application-aware SD-WAN and security functions, such as firewall, analytics, IPS/IPS and content filtering.  It also supports customisable services like Wi-Fi guest portal and IoT edge computing capabilities.

It is said to be ideal for branch-oriented sectors such as retail stores, restaurants, healthcare clinics, financial services, construction sites, and field service offices.

Cradlepoint, now owned by Ericsson, claims to provide the most pathways from LTE to 5G in the industry.  In February, it introduced the W-Series 5G Wideband Adapter, said to be the first 5G product purpose-built for the enterprise. cradlepoint.com