ZTE completes Mauritania fibre network construction

19 February 2021

Chinese tech giant ZTE has completed construction of Mauritania’s national fibre optic network.

The whole of the northwest African nation is now crossed by optical fibre, which was deployed as part of the regional communications infrastructure program in west Africa, funded by the World Bank. It was introduced to help accelerate the country’s digital transformation.

The 1,760 km long high-speed telecommunications infrastructure is a backbone made up of urban loops and an international network interconnection. In terms of international network interconnection, Nouakchott, the capital and largest city in Mauritania, serves as the landing point for the ACE submarine cable system.

“The construction of the first national network in Mauritania will play an essential role in the development of communication infrastructure throughout the country, and even in Africa,” said Li Jianhua, the general manager of the Mauritania national fibre optic project at ZTE.