Uganda Telecom partners with AST SpaceMobile

18 August 2021

Uganda is braced for better connectivity

Uganda is braced for better connectivity

Uganda Telecom has penned a memorandum of understanding with AST SpaceMobile to boost its network coverage across the country.

The latter is building the first space-based cellular broadband network accessible directly by standard mobile phones.

Uganda Telecom seeks to provide Ugandans with 100% coverage across the country using AST SpaceMobile’s planned cellular broadband network as the main coverage provider.

To date, AST SpaceMobile has entered into agreements and understandings with mobile network operators which collectively cover approximately 1.4 billion mobile subscribers.

It recently announced plans to deploy its second prototype spacecraft, BlueWalker.

AST SpaceMobile is a new global low earth orbit satellite constellation which enables existing mobile network operators to provide 100% mobile broadband coverage direct to standard mobile devices and smart phones for their customers.