Algérie Télécom modernises infrastructure for a better quality of service

08 April 2022

The Algérie Télécom Group, which has four subsidiaries, has launched a series of measures to modernize its infrastructure to improve the quality of internet and telephone services, said group chief executive officer Khaled Zarat.

Speaking to Algérie Presse Service, Zarat said the operator is required to significantly improve the quality of service, through the deployment of the latest technologies to ensure among other things a stable network for continuity of service ensuring the required performance for any kind of need.

“To do this, major projects have been initiated and launched in recent years in view of the digital transformation through the modernization of the access network and the gradual switch to the Internet very high speed through the fibre network FTTH (fibre to home),” he added.” It is also the increase in the capacity of the transport network and the securing and redundancy of metropolitan loops of the national backbone, the densification of the 4G network and the construction of a network of national data centre housing the appropriate infrastructure to international standards capable of supporting the digital transformation “so requested and expected by our customers,” he said.

Several other priority projects, described as urgent, have been included in the action plan according to the CEO. These are projects relating to the optimisation of the architecture of the deployment of caching solutions (Google and Facebook for example) in order to offer a better quality of service, the reduction of latency, the reduction of the use of international bandwidth, the optimization of operating costs and finally the creation of national content.

The modernization of the access network, the securing of the national transport network and the international transport network are also among the projects underway.