Liquid Telecom provides VSAT connectivity to new ISP in Malawi

03 July 2020

Pan-African telecom group Liquid Teleco is providing its managed VSAT connectivity services to mbora, a new social enterprise in Malawi.

The operator  provides people living and working in rural areas with free connectivity at a community hub. It has also built a super app to help increase digital inclusion by providing access to useful and relevant information and services online including finance and healthcare. Content and service organisations are able to use the app as a marketplace to reach important food-producing farming and fishing communities in rural sub-Saharan Africa.

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MasterCard’s EYWA service

02 July 2020

MasterCard has partneredwith NMB Bank in Tanzania to launch a digital platform EYWA Transit Solution that will enable commuters to pay for fares electronically while booking transportation online.

The service comes as a service card and a mobile application and will enable commuters to scan their cards and track the arrival of transport. It will also enable commuter to pre-pay for their fares.In addition, EYWA will offer transport companies digitised payment records which in turn will enable them to secure credit facilities.

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Airtel Malawi’s new products

01 July 2020

Airtel Malawi has introduced two new products to consumer, called ‘My Airtel Cell App’ and ‘Katswiri Neighbourhood Champion’.

They were announced during a live Facebook party for over 7,000 of its customers. There were over 1,000 downloads of the My Airtel Cell App in a single day
and a free 2 GB bundle was given to 350 people who shared the “watch celebration” with more than 10 of their contacts.

Airtel Malawi managing director Charles Kamoto said the aim was to interact with the 270,000 followers of its Facebook page.
“The Airtel Live Party was our way of leveraging digital technology and revolutionising the way we engage and interact with our customers,” he added.
The Airtel Reside Occasion showed head of information and units Masiye Mazaza and host Pleasure Nathu, who presented the products and ran a Q&A session for the audience.

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Angola picks Africell as fourth telecoms operator

30 June 2020

Angola handed the licence for its fourth telecoms network to Lebanese giant Africell, as sub-Saharan Africa’s second-biggest oil producer continues to open other economic sectors to foreign competition.

The south-western nation had awarded the licence last year to a domestic start-up called Telstar but president João Lourenço annulled the decision, saying the company failed to meet the bidding requirements.vAfricell is already present in four African countries - Gambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Angola’s mobile phone market, with almost 14 million users, is currently dominated by two privately held companies – Unitel and Movicel. A third operator, Angola Telecom, offers fixed and internet access but currently has no mobile services.

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