Rajant donates wireless network to federal emergency medical station

09 April 2020

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Rajant Covid-19 response kit part of Glen Mills School healthcare overflow Site

Philadelphia-metro’s Glen Mills School has yet to receive its first patients during the Covid-19 crisis, but those working and recuperating at the site will have an essential service to assist in care thanks to the high-speed network access made available by Pennsylvania's Rajant Corporation and state senator Tom Killion.

“Robust data service is critical to providing timely and effective care,” said Tim Boyce, director of emergency services for Delaware County, which has responsibility for coordinating the build-out of the 85,000 square foot facility. “Rajant’s contribution of its Kinetic Mesh solution and its installation ensures the nurses, doctors, and techs who will be treating patients will be able to use the technology to which they’ve become accustomed to deliver care.”

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SK Telecom, Ericsson and Samsung claim multi-vendor 5G transmission first

06 April 2020

Korean operator SK Telecom said it has managed the world’s first standalone 5G data session on a multi-vendor commercial 5G network, with help from Ericsson and Samsung.

SK applied standalone new radio (NR) software to its existing non-standalone (NSA) 5G base stations, and completed multi-vendor interoperability between network equipment of the two vendors.

The operator has also applied key 5G technologies such as network slicing and mobile edge computing (MEC) to its standalone 5G network.

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PEACE extends to South Africa

30 March 2020

PCCW Global and PEACE Cable International Network have partnered to extend the Pakistan East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE) submarine cable system to southern Africa.

The PEACE South extension will boost bandwidth and have an important impact on connectivity from its current African landing point in Mombasa, Kenya, all the way to South Africa. This will open new Southern African Development Community (SADC) and east African markets to cable partners.

PEACE South will also provide alternative routes for existing systems, connecting southern Africa to Europe and Asia with newer, faster high-bandwidth technology and assisting the region to improve internet usage and reduce the cost of connectivity.

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'Blocking of phone calls a growing problem'

23 March 2020

Call blocking by South Africa’s biggest network operators is negatively impacting many local telecoms customers who are finding they cannot always successfully complete phone calls, according to Anthony Engelbrecht, technical director at independent telco, Huge Networks.

He said that some clients of SA’s many Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecoms networks such as Huge Networks, Connection Telecoms and dozens of others are increasingly finding that calls they place are not reaching the intended telecoms user.

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