MasterCard’s EYWA service

02 July 2020

MasterCard has partneredwith NMB Bank in Tanzania to launch a digital platform EYWA Transit Solution that will enable commuters to pay for fares electronically while booking transportation online.

The service comes as a service card and a mobile application and will enable commuters to scan their cards and track the arrival of transport. It will also enable commuter to pre-pay for their fares.In addition, EYWA will offer transport companies digitised payment records which in turn will enable them to secure credit facilities.

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Airtel Malawi’s new products

01 July 2020

Airtel Malawi has introduced two new products to consumer, called ‘My Airtel Cell App’ and ‘Katswiri Neighbourhood Champion’.

They were announced during a live Facebook party for over 7,000 of its customers. There were over 1,000 downloads of the My Airtel Cell App in a single day
and a free 2 GB bundle was given to 350 people who shared the “watch celebration” with more than 10 of their contacts.

Airtel Malawi managing director Charles Kamoto said the aim was to interact with the 270,000 followers of its Facebook page.
“The Airtel Live Party was our way of leveraging digital technology and revolutionising the way we engage and interact with our customers,” he added.
The Airtel Reside Occasion showed head of information and units Masiye Mazaza and host Pleasure Nathu, who presented the products and ran a Q&A session for the audience.

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Airtel Africa sales boost as more sign up for phone services

29 June 2020

Airtel Africa posted revenue and profit growth for the full year, as more customers signed up for its mobile and data services and on stronger activity in its biggest market Nigeria.

The company went public last year with a London listing and has benefited from a steady demand in emerging markets, while some of its European peers have been teaming-up to navigate challenges posed by saturated markets. Revenue for the year-ended March rose 11.2% to US$3.42bn, boosted by a 24.1% rise in revenue from Nigeria. The country accounts for 40% of the company’s overall revenue.

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‘Blocking of phone calls a growing problem’

26 June 2020

Call blocking by South Africa’s biggest network operators is negatively impacting many local telecoms customers who are finding they cannot always successfully complete phone calls.

That is the view of Anthony Engelbrecht, technical director at independent telco, Huge Networks, who said that some clients of SA’s many Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecoms networks such as Huge Networks, Connection Telecoms and dozens of others are increasingly finding that calls they place are not reaching the intended telecoms user.
“The incumbent telecoms operators seem to be pulling out all the stops to fight back against consumer choice. On an operational level, this is leading to billing disputes where excellent and mutually- beneficial relationships have existed in the recent past,” Engelbrecht said. “Enormous profits can be made when an operator knowingly or unknowingly bills a locally-originating call at the inflated international interconnection rate simply because it has some hallmarks of being placed or journeying outside our borders.”

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