Tanzania: MasterCard leads digital transport payment

11 May 2020

MasterCard has partnered with NMB Bank in Tanzania to launch a digital platform EYWA Transit Solution that will enable commuters to pay for fares electronically while booking transportation online.

The service comes as a service card and a mobile application and will enbable commuters to scan their cards and track the arrival of transport. It will alsoalso enable commuter to pre-pay for their fares.

In addition, EYWA will offer transport companies digitised payment records which in turn will enable them to secure credit facilities.

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HYLA Mobile partners with Admin Plus

22 April 2020

HYLA, the mobile device repurposing vendor, has partnered with South African insurance firm Admin Plus to deploy its latest machine learning technology, which allows the latter to see the state of the device remotely.

Admin will be able to see things like cracks and water damage from afar to help it issue short-term policies quickly. This helps to significantly reduce its risk exposure to fraud.

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SK Telecom, Ericsson and Samsung claim multi-vendor 5G transmission first

06 April 2020

Korean operator SK Telecom said it has managed the world’s first standalone 5G data session on a multi-vendor commercial 5G network, with help from Ericsson and Samsung.

SK applied standalone new radio (NR) software to its existing non-standalone (NSA) 5G base stations, and completed multi-vendor interoperability between network equipment of the two vendors.

The operator has also applied key 5G technologies such as network slicing and mobile edge computing (MEC) to its standalone 5G network.

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'Blocking of phone calls a growing problem'

23 March 2020

Call blocking by South Africa’s biggest network operators is negatively impacting many local telecoms customers who are finding they cannot always successfully complete phone calls, according to Anthony Engelbrecht, technical director at independent telco, Huge Networks.

He said that some clients of SA’s many Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecoms networks such as Huge Networks, Connection Telecoms and dozens of others are increasingly finding that calls they place are not reaching the intended telecoms user.

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