MasterCard’s EYWA service

02 July 2020

MasterCard has partneredwith NMB Bank in Tanzania to launch a digital platform EYWA Transit Solution that will enable commuters to pay for fares electronically while booking transportation online.

The service comes as a service card and a mobile application and will enable commuters to scan their cards and track the arrival of transport. It will also enable commuter to pre-pay for their fares.In addition, EYWA will offer transport companies digitised payment records which in turn will enable them to secure credit facilities.

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Airtel Malawi’s new products

01 July 2020

Airtel Malawi has introduced two new products to consumer, called ‘My Airtel Cell App’ and ‘Katswiri Neighbourhood Champion’.

They were announced during a live Facebook party for over 7,000 of its customers. There were over 1,000 downloads of the My Airtel Cell App in a single day
and a free 2 GB bundle was given to 350 people who shared the “watch celebration” with more than 10 of their contacts.

Airtel Malawi managing director Charles Kamoto said the aim was to interact with the 270,000 followers of its Facebook page.
“The Airtel Live Party was our way of leveraging digital technology and revolutionising the way we engage and interact with our customers,” he added.
The Airtel Reside Occasion showed head of information and units Masiye Mazaza and host Pleasure Nathu, who presented the products and ran a Q&A session for the audience.

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Gabon Telecom launches MoMo app

19 June 2020

Gabon Telecom has launched the new Mobile Mobicash application, in order to meet the constraints related to containment measures taken by the government in front of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dialling USDD * 555 # on a digital device allows easy access to all electronic payment services offered by the operator. This free application offers Libertis and Moov subscribers the possibility of carrying out all Mobicash transactions from their home. The main advantages of the application include quick accessibility to Mobicash offers thanks to referencing of services such as credit purchase, money transfer, purchase of internet packages or merchant payments.

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Clickatell introduces FAQ Response Solution

19 June 2020

South African communications company Clickatell has introduced its new Automated FAQ Response solution, to help the many businesses struggling to operate under level 4 lockdown regulations.

This is a special quick-response solution for businesses to quickly and easily communicate with their customers amid Covid-19 pandemic. The new service aims to aid many businesses that experience high call volumes during the crisis.

Clickatell Chief Product and Technology Officer Jeppe Dorff said the new Automated FAQ Response solution comes as call centre opera- tions struggle with maintaining con- sistent customer experience amidst support agents working remotely. “Businesses are experiencing ever higher customer queries, while also having to decentralise their contact centre operations with thousands of frontline agents hav- ing to work from home,” Dorff said in a statement. “Some businesses are contending with less staff and even shutting some contact centres down, making customer service challenges a critical area of need. We now find ourselves amidst a global public health crisis, and we’re here to help our customers reach their audience through fast, reliable communications and digital commerce platforms.”

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