Rajant steps up amid crisis

21 April 2020

Rajant Corporation and its global distribution and integration partners have made a private wireless network for mobile field hospitals and pop-up health treatment shelters immediately available, in light of the Covid-19 worldwide health crisis.

The US- based firm’s “Emergency Response Rapid Deployment Kit” is the connectivity solution for facility- strapped healthcare, running out of medical space and patient beds to care for the seriously ill, to expand operations.

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Ghana's largest operators get additional temporary spectrum

20 April 2020

Accra, Ghana's capital

Accra, Ghana's capital

The Ghanaian telecommunications regulator the National Communications Authority (NCA) has temporarily granted Vodafone and MTN Ghana – the nation's two largest operators – additional spectrum.

The grant will cover a three-month period and it is understood that it will come at no extra cost to the operators.

Ghana has decided to take this emergency measure to help operators cope with a significant increase in internet traffic expected during the country’s COVID-19 lockdown.

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Avoid unnecessary video calls, says Ghana’s regulator

17 April 2020

The Ghana Chamber of Telecommunications has released 10 pointers to consumers on the responsible and rational use of telecom networks as well as the internet, during this period of the coronavirus crisis.

According to the umbrella organisation that regulates and promotes the interests of telecom firms in the west African nation, the advice needs to be adhered to in order to ease communication during this period. It has also asked that consumers avoid unnecessary video calls, not only during rush hours but at all times.

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SK Telecom, Ericsson and Samsung claim multi-vendor 5G transmission first

06 April 2020

Korean operator SK Telecom said it has managed the world’s first standalone 5G data session on a multi-vendor commercial 5G network, with help from Ericsson and Samsung.

SK applied standalone new radio (NR) software to its existing non-standalone (NSA) 5G base stations, and completed multi-vendor interoperability between network equipment of the two vendors.

The operator has also applied key 5G technologies such as network slicing and mobile edge computing (MEC) to its standalone 5G network.

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