Vodacom Congo looks to reverse 2G licence order

19 July 2019

Vodacom Congo, the largest operator in the Democratic Republic of Congo, has petitioned the country’s top administrative court to reverse a government order withdrawing its 2G licence.

A directive signed by telecommunications minister Emery Okundji in April threatens to disconnect some of Vodacom Congo’s 11.8 million customers who’ve yet to switch to 3G and 4G. The same is true for people living in remote areas not yet covered by the faster data services.

A first hearing of Vodacom Congo’s complaint against the telecommunications ministry has taken place in Congo’s capital, Kinshasa.

The court’s judges are deliberating and are set to give instructions on how the case should proceed.

Okundji told Vodacom Congo to reapply for a 20-year 2G license originally given to the company in 1998, arguing a 2015 extension was obtained illegally. 

Johannesburg-based Vodacom owns 51% of Vodacom Congo.