Airtel Malawi’s new products

01 July 2020

Airtel Malawi has introduced two new products to consumer, called ‘My Airtel Cell App’ and ‘Katswiri Neighbourhood Champion’.

They were announced during a live Facebook party for over 7,000 of its customers. There were over 1,000 downloads of the My Airtel Cell App in a single day
and a free 2 GB bundle was given to 350 people who shared the “watch celebration” with more than 10 of their contacts.

Airtel Malawi managing director Charles Kamoto said the aim was to interact with the 270,000 followers of its Facebook page.
“The Airtel Live Party was our way of leveraging digital technology and revolutionising the way we engage and interact with our customers,” he added.
The Airtel Reside Occasion showed head of information and units Masiye Mazaza and host Pleasure Nathu, who presented the products and ran a Q&A session for the audience.

Airtel Malawi, an offshoot of Airtel Africa – the latter a subsidiary of India’s Bharti Airtel - is the country’s market leader with a market share of approximately 72%.