Follow Me Talk launches new OTT telecom service in Kenya

13 July 2020

Follow Me Talk, the smartphone financing company, is launching a new telecom service in east Africa that will be powered by mobile enabler x-Mobility.

Launching initially in Kenya, then to the greater east African market, Follow Me Talk will be able to offer calls, texts, free peer-to-peer messaging and new and additional virtual numbers to subscribers, thanks to technology provided by x-Mobility’s AppVNOTM service.

“We help our customers finance their purchase of a smartphone, so we can see the desire for telecoms services in Kenya. Our reach, combined with x-Mobility’s technology, means that we can launch new disruptive services that will reach a wide Kenyan audience,” said Edwin Okoye, CEO at Follow Me Talk.

With partnership and distribution agreements with some of Kenya’s largest brands Follow Me Talk has big plans. Wefarm is the world’s largest platform for small-scale farmers and has over 2.1 million farmers on its platform. While Uber is the Kenyan division of the global ride-hailing app. Follow Me Talk also works closely with other major Kenyan brands such as Equity Bank, which is Africa’s largest bank in terms of customer base and with over 9 million customers holds nearly half of all bank accounts in Kenya.

As well as creating a new mobile service over an app the Follow Me Talk service will allow subscribers to choose additional numbers that can be used on the same handset. So whether they would to use a separate number for their banking, or chat to other farmers using a new number, or even create an Uber account with a different number, using the new virtual numbers from Follow Me Talk subscribers will be able to manage their mobile life more easily.

“Follow Me Talk knows what Kenyan users want from their telecoms services,” said Shanks Kulam, co-founder of x-Mobility. “We’re happy that our AppVNO service can provide that and will soon be how Kenyans communicate.”

The Follow Me Talk service is due to launch in Kenya in a few weeks.