Morocco’s prices among lowest in the world’, says minister

31 July 2020

Telecom prices in Morocco are among the lowest in the world and cannot be reduced, according to the country’s minister of industry.

Moulay Hafid Elalamy made the announcement before the Productive Sectors Commission at the country’s House of Representatives. The meeting took place to study five requests by parliamentary groups concerning the department’s strategy.

“Pushing telecom companies to reduce their prices will either make them go bankrupt or prevent them from making more investments,” he said. “We want more investment in this field, we would like to have 5G internet and more.”

Elalamy also highlighted how telecom companies are contributing to the remote learning campaign in Morocco. His ministry was the
one to intervene to ensure free access for students using the online services.
Morocco’s Ministry of Education announced in late May that the TelmidTICE remote learning platform does not require internet subscription to access and that students can also download their lessons as well as digital resources on the platform.

The minister of education, Said Amzazi, said that Morocco’s minister of industry Moulay Hafid Elalamy believes telecom prices in Morocco are among the lowest in the world initiative aims to promote equal opportunities among Moroccan students and facilitate their access to educational content.

In April, Morocco’s main operator Maroc Telecom (IAM) announced that they had donated US$146.96m to Morocco’s Covid-19 response.