Ampleon releases new 12V LDMOS power amplifiers

03 January 2020

A new line of 12V laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) transistors from Ampleon is aimed at commercial, public safety and defence mobile radio applications.

The 12V LDMOS portfolio will cover ceramic and plastic packages with a minimum longevity commitment of 15 years and the first two products on the market are the BLP9LA25S and the BLP5LA55S.

Both devices are designed for 12V nominal mobile operation over the entire VHF and UHF frequency bands from 2 to 941 MHz and deliver 25W and 55W respectively.

Ampleon claims they combine ease-of-use and extreme ruggedness without sacrificing performance as they enable over 18 dB gain and over 65% efficiency over the full operating frequency range.

This results in fewer stages, improved stability, simplified cooling and thus smaller systems.

Ampleon reckons the linearity makes the solutions ideal for TETRA applications, while their ability to handle extreme mismatch levels over 65:1 voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) enables highly robust handheld radios that withstand harshest environments possible.

In addition, these broadband 12V devices are housed in compact over-molded plastic (OMP) TO270 packages, ensuring smallest footprint and minimising system costs.