Angola Cables and TM Global offer new route from South America to Asia via Africa

17 September 2019

Undersea cable map

Undersea cable map

Angola Cables and TM Global, the wholesale arm of Telekom Malaysia Berhard, have unveiled a successful Proof of Concept (PoC) for a new cable route running from South America to Asia via Africa. 

Early PoC results showed a reduction in the latency reading compared with exisiting northern hemisphere routings. If successful, it could lead to significant improvements in global internet routing quality, especially for data connectivity services to the southern hemisphere. 

Both businesses have been exploring another alternative via a new express route connecting the southern hemisphere subsea cables from Asia directly to South America. A PoC testing is being conducted by both parties using two cable systems, namely the South Africa Far East cable system (SAFE) connecting Malaysia to Angola, and the South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) connecting Angola to Brazil.

The new express route will provide a shorter path connecting Asia to South America while, delivering better customer service. The low latency routing would provide a catalyst to create more effective digital ecosystems that are developing within the southern hemisphere.