Orange Botswana's Orange Money wants to go it alone

28 July 2021

Orange Botswana has announced plans to separate its Orange Money.

The provider intends to become a stand-alone business but will work in conjunction with Orange Botswana.

A unit of French multinational Orange, Orange Botswana recently gathered partners and stakeholders to celebrate Orange Money's 10th anniversary, which gave Orange Money leaders the opportunity to share their plans for the future for the business.


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Mobile fraud continues to hit Africa hard

26 July 2021

The recently-released ‘State of Mobile Fraud in Africa’ report by Paris-headquartered Evina reveals that 19% of mobile payment transactions in Africa were made without the user’s consent from January 2021 to June 2021.

Professional cybercriminals from around the world targeting Africa’s one billion mobile phone users also remain a significant problem in particularly vulnerable countries such as Angola and Egypt where 34% and 25.5% of mobile transactions were identified as suspect, respectively.

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Vodacom and Tmcel reach compromise

21 July 2021

Vodacom Mozambique has reached an agreement with state-owned Mozambique Telecom (Tmcel) over the ongoing US$10m) interconnection debt dispute.

In June this year, the former  threatened to cancel its interconnection agreement with Tmcel which would have prevented the latter's customers from being able to call Vodacom numbers.

Vodacom said Tmcel had failed to settle the debt and honour the interconnection agreement between the two companies.

The country’s telecommunications industry regulator, the Mozambique National Communications Institute (INCM), which stepped in to referee, said Tmcel has agreed to immediately pay a third of the debt and thereafter pay US$190,000 a month.

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Liquid partners with Facebook for optical fibre network in DRC

19 July 2021

Zimbabwe’s company Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT) and US social networking giant Facebook are partnering to build an optical fibre network in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Through this network, the two partners initiate the realization of a digital corridor that will start from the centre of the country, cross the rainforest to connect east Africa to the submarine cable 2Africa in the Atlantic Ocean.

“This is one of the most difficult fibre builds ever undertaken, crossing more than 2,000 kilometres of some of the most challenging terrain in the world,” said said Nic Rudnick, group CEO of LIT. “Liquid Technologies and Facebook have a common mission to provide affordable infrastructure to bridge connectivity gaps, and we believe our work together will have a tremendous impact on internet accessibility across the region.”

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