EllaLink cable brings north African countries closer to solid broadband connectivity

08 January 2021

Morocco, and Mauritania and Cape Verde took a major step toward improved broadband connectivity after the EllaLink cable anchored in Sines, Portugal.

Pedro Lopes, Cape Verde’s deputy secretary of state for innovation, said the speed increase will begin int the first quarter of 2021.
He added that the country’s people will soon have access to additional data capacity which should greatly improve their experience of high-speed Internet connectivity.

Lopes was speaking on the subject at the 1st Internet Security Forum, organized from December 9 to 10 by the Multisectoral Economic Regulatory Agency (ARME) under the theme: "Internet, pandemic and sustainability".

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Telecom Egypt provides Google with a TransEgypt meshed solution and Mediterranean capacity to Europe

04 January 2021

Telecom Egypt provides Google with a TransEgypt meshed solution

Telecom Egypt provides Google with a TransEgypt meshed solution

Cairo, 04 January 2021: Telecom Egypt, Egypt’s first integrated telecom operator and one of the largest subsea cables operators in the region, signed an agreement with Google to provide Google with the first of its kind layer three meshed solution on multiple Telecom Egypt’s redundant and resilient Egypt crossing network infrastructure.

As part of the agreement, Google will also be provided capacity on Telecom Egypt’s Mediterranean submarine cable, TE North. The project is expected to go live in the first half of 2021. This mesh project connects several cable landing stations in the Red and Mediterranean Seas over diverse routes and will increase the reliability of Google’s international transit traffic, providing an elevated level of robustness. Telecom Egypt’s network can reroute traffic as needed in less than 50 milliseconds, and will also offer high quality availability features with an SLA portal.

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Ericsson digital and mobile money solutions to power better customer experiences for TMCEL subscribers

21 December 2020

TMCEL Mozambique and Ericsson have signed a five-year-deal to expand and modernise its network and digital services ecosystem through the latest Ericsson Business Support Systems (BSS) and mobile money software innovations, features and services.

As a result of the agreement, TMCEL can deliver an improved customer experience to its mobile subscribers.The Ericsson Business Support System (BSS) solution will facilitate TMCEL’s shift to customer-centric business operations and digital engagement. Additionally, Ericsson’s Dynamic Activation (EDA) will address all of TMCEL’s service activation needs with a single, flexible platform. The deal also includes the deployment of Ericsson’s Mobile Money solution.

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Fighting against the digital divide in rural Africa with Satmotion and Alusat

17 December 2020

Connecting rural Angola

Connecting rural Angola

MSTelcom, a telecommunications and satellite communication based in Angola, is fighting against the digital divide by providing connectivity to rural parts of the country and successfully deploying a large network across it, supported by ST Engineering iDirect’s Evolution platform. 

This deployment was helped by the Integrasys VSAT Auto-Commissioning tool, Satmotion Pocket, which aids the delivery, commissioning and maintenance of VSAT services.

‘’It was a pleasure working with Integrasys on having this great solution in our network. We think that from now our goals will be achievable as expected and in record time. Among other achievements we expect to continue to meet our SLAs, reduce remote activation time, conduct faster performance site measurements, reduce international calls (to satellite space segment providers) for support and reduce OPEX significantly (due to less remotes site visits)," said Agostinho Kimpa Mungongo Kusseiala, satellite deputy team leader at MSTelcom. "For us, working with Integrasys is expected to be a partnership rather than a client-supplier relationship. Working together proved to be a great experience’."

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