Vodacom launches digital insurance service

07 May 2021

Vodacom Tanzania launched ‘VodaBima’ – a digital service to give customers immediate access to insurance services, with the aim of driving up adoption of insurance solutions in the market.

In a statement, the operator references a Finscope report 2013 which found that insurance uptake in Tanzania was at 13.0% having doubled from 6.8% in 2009.

Despite the double-digit growth, Vodacom Tanzania believes insurance to be one of least utilised financial services in Tanzania. Reasons range from low awareness, mistrust of the service and bottlenecks to access the services.

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Axian Consortium invests US$500m in Tigo and Zantel

04 May 2021

Axian Consortium plans to invest US$500m in the Tanzanian telecom market over the next five years.

The move follows the signing April 19 of an agreement with Millicom International Cellular (MIC) for the acquisition of its subsidiaries Tigo Tanzania and Zanzibar Telecom (Zantel).

The investment will help expand the two subsidiaries’ coverage across the country, with a particular focus on 4G technology.

“Axian is starting a new chapter in Tanzania, and Zanzibar in the long term. We are convinced that Axian’s model will accelerate digital inclusion and open up access to innovative services for populations while supporting economic growth,” said Axian CEO Hassanein Hiridjee.

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How enterprise networks need to evolve for the future of work

23 April 2021

The pandemic has taken its toll on people, organizations, and everyday experiences in different ways. Time will tell which of these changes are permanent. But when it comes to the remote workforce, we have probably reached a point of no return. In a global consumer survey across 10 countries, Amdocs Research found 36% of respondents expect to work from home more post-pandemic than they did before.

This begs the question: As expectations around what the work week should look like change, and remote work experiences become more data-intensive, can our current networks handle the new hybrid work environment's long-term implications?

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Introducing the critical comms column

14 April 2021

Mladen Vratonjic, chair, The Critical Communications Association (TCCA)

Mladen Vratonjic, chair, The Critical Communications Association (TCCA)

How would you define critical communications? There are many instances where needing to communicate is important. But truly mission critical communications can mean the difference between life or death. 

This is the first in a series of articles where we will take a look at the critical communications landscape around the world, how it is evolving to meet the changing needs of the end-users, and the huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes – largely carried out by volunteers – to ensure that critical communications networks are robust, reliable, resilient and secure. It is those networks that support, amongst others, our first responders - the police, medical and fire and rescue services that we rely on to help us in a crisis and keep us safe.

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