Mobile fraud continues to hit Africa hard

26 July 2021

The recently-released ‘State of Mobile Fraud in Africa’ report by Paris-headquartered Evina reveals that 19% of mobile payment transactions in Africa were made without the user’s consent from January 2021 to June 2021.

Professional cybercriminals from around the world targeting Africa’s one billion mobile phone users also remain a significant problem in particularly vulnerable countries such as Angola and Egypt where 34% and 25.5% of mobile transactions were identified as suspect, respectively.

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Vodacom and Tmcel reach compromise

21 July 2021

Vodacom Mozambique has reached an agreement with state-owned Mozambique Telecom (Tmcel) over the ongoing US$10m) interconnection debt dispute.

In June this year, the former  threatened to cancel its interconnection agreement with Tmcel which would have prevented the latter's customers from being able to call Vodacom numbers.

Vodacom said Tmcel had failed to settle the debt and honour the interconnection agreement between the two companies.

The country’s telecommunications industry regulator, the Mozambique National Communications Institute (INCM), which stepped in to referee, said Tmcel has agreed to immediately pay a third of the debt and thereafter pay US$190,000 a month.

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C&W Seychelles launches 5G data plan

16 July 2021

Cable and Wireless Seychelles has introduced a data package covering areas of the main island Mahe, almost a year after the introduction of its 5G network.

The operator launched its 5G network in July last year in partnership with Huawei, the Chinese multinational telecommunications company.

Public relations executive, Bella Damou, told Seychelles News Agency that "the CWS 5G network has been up and running since then, but the company was waiting for suitable packages to offer to its customers."

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Angola Telecom returns as a shareholder of Movicel

12 July 2021

Angola Telecom (AT) will again become a shareholder of the compatriot mobile phone company Movicel after leaving the company at the end of 2019, due to the huge debt that the company has with the national telecom operator.

According to local newspapers, AT is expected to acquire a stake as part of larger capital injection for Movicel. AT has threatened to cut off interconnection with the mobile operator, and the proposed share deal forms part of a planned solution to the company’s financial problems, with several international carriers having already ceased providing services to Movicel due to unpaid dues.

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