Smart cities

Africa’s smartest cities

02 July 2021

Africa is still the planet’s most rural continent, with a mere 40% of the sub-Saharan region’s population living in cities. Even the sprawling and bustling heartlands of Cairo and Kinshasa, teeming with traffic, pollution, inadequate public services, are in their relative infancy and on the brink of a growth spurt.

In short, Africa, like any other part of the world, needs to plan for the future if it is to keep up with its predicted and expected future.

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Network monitoring

Testing the network

08 June 2021

The need for high-performance increases by the day, courtesy of IoT streaming and other demands and so must the rate of network optimisation. As far as operators are concerned, monitoring user activity (no, not snooping) and experience along with sending alerts immediately upon detecting network and service instabilities can drastically reduce the negative effect that network problems have on end-user applications.

When voice, data, video and messaging services fail to deliver the expected quality levels, network and service operations centres need to be notified instantly to take prompt action. This is particularly important in critical hotspots such as shopping malls, airports, commercial centres, train stations, highly-populated areas, key commuting routes and public transport.

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Fixed wireless access

Fixed wireless access and Wi-Fi on the move

11 May 2021

Wherever you live, the average broadband speed requirement continues to rise and fibre access is arguably still the go-to option. It makes complete sense, when one considers its high bandwidth performance, low latency and maintenance, as well as durability.

Of course, copper and fibre deployment for better broadband service is not always an upgrade option. Reasons include the fact that municipal regulations can make fibre trenching prohibitive, lower population densities in rural markets often harm the fibre business case return on investment (ROI), while buildings or things of natural beauty may prevent the installation of fibre regardless of how much money has been made available.

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Shaping the future of satcoms

14 April 2021

Satellite has attracted many favourable column inches of late. From Starlink, SpaceX’s much-hyped satellite internet service to China’s mission to dominate space internet, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the technology is going through a renaissance. Indeed, the opportunities afforded by this method of communication is moving at speed in military and defence applications and broadband IP services, to name a few. However, the challenge has been that these advancements have coincided with performance gains enjoyed by other telecommunications systems.

So, with satellite having long been viewed as a technology belonging to a different era, is it  going to be playing catch up for a long time?

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