LEO Satellites

Is LEO taking off?

10 August 2020

Cellular networks might appear ubiquitous these days but they have their limitations. No matter how good the coverage statistics are, they never cover 100 percent of the land, and very little of the sea. So if you need genuinely global communications then you need to look at satellite solutions.

There are many vendors who offer satellite connectivity and even plenty of firms with satellites in orbit, but before you worry about that, you have a choice to make – GEO or LEO.

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Airtel Africa

Airtel Africa empowers entrepreneurs across sub-Saharan Africa through digital solutions

07 July 2020

There is no doubt that digital technologies will enable sub-Saharan Africa to overcome many of its challenges. This is because they present a solution to the lack of physical infrastructure, while also opening up the digital economy. E-health, E-education, E-energy and E-agriculture are creating endless opportunities for African entrepreneurs.

Everything is converging to make digital technology the main driver of economic and social development. Airtel Africa is committed to supporting pioneering enterprises, focusing on digital solutions to serve low-income communities across sub-Saharan Africa.

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Avanti’s commitment to make a difference in children’s education

17 June 2020

Five years ago, Avanti began leading the consortium that delivers improved numeracy and literacy educational outcomes to marginalised school children in Kenya through the DFID-funded Project iMlango.

This project is unique as, not only does it focus on bringing satellite broadband internet to rural schools but it also incorporates a whole school programme tailored for marginalised children.


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On the Network

Connecting the African continent

21 April 2020

Rajant has been consolidating its position as a key supplier of wireless systems to the mining industry in sub-Saharan Africa. 

For around 10 years, there have been increasing deployments in major open-pit mines, where users have experienced the resilience and reliability of Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh Networks at the heart of operations. 

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