Seamless connectivity upgrades for Africa Mercy

04 June 2024

Mercy Ships is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) that operates the largest non-governmental hospital fleet of vessels in the world. The charity delivers free and life-saving healthcare to people in regions where resources and medical care are scarce.

Each year, Mercy Ships aims to provide more than 5,800 surgical procedures, 18,000 dental procedures and trains 3,400 professionals in their area of expertise on its vessels. Connectivity is critical for these vital medical procedures and training, as it enables Mercy Ships to transfer data to and from the ships, connect with doctors, surgeons, and nurses for consultations, and facilitate their applications.

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LNX Solutions deploys rugged LoRaWAN devices for sporting events

04 April 2024

LNX Solutions provides self-hosted infrastructure as a service and tailored solutions to resolve IT problems in a creative and effective way. By building their own LoRaWAN network, LNX Solutions is enabling a wide range of IoT solutions across South Africa.

Connectivity during blackouts
Cellular coverage in South Africa can vary widely depending on the region. Local users can find it spotty and unreliable. Moreover, the country has been in an energy crisis for more than 10 years and is now in its sixth period of load-shedding – sometimes lasting many hours - in an attempt to ration power between the different electrical grid areas across the country and urban areas.

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Senegal’s Free launches 5G in Dakar

02 April 2024

Free has launched commercial 5G in Senegal. The new service is currently available in Dakar, where the group has already deployed 5 sites. It will be gradually extended with the upcoming deployment of around 50 5G sites in other regions of the country.

“With exceptional speed and reliability, Free’s 5G goes far beyond just improving connectivity. It offers innovative opportunities to transform the business landscape in Senegal. 5G is an unprecedented opportunity for Senegalese companies to evolve, develop, but above all to innovate, an innovation useful to the development of our nation,” said Mamadou Mbengue, general director of Free.

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NRT and CCF rollout Africa’s largest IoT conservation network

08 February 2024

Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) and Connected Conservation are safeguarding Kenya’s most vulnerable species and natural resources with Africa’s largest landscape-wide IoT conservation network.

The project is advancing wildlife and natural resource conservation using LoRaWAN IoT sensors and networks to collect, monitor and analyze real-time environmental data on a captivating scale. This data is coupled with analytics and conservation tools to help safeguard wildlife populations, promote peace, and empower community-led conservation.

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