NRT and CCF rollout Africa’s largest IoT conservation network

08 February 2024

Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) and Connected Conservation are safeguarding Kenya’s most vulnerable species and natural resources with Africa’s largest landscape-wide IoT conservation network.

The project is advancing wildlife and natural resource conservation using LoRaWAN IoT sensors and networks to collect, monitor and analyze real-time environmental data on a captivating scale. This data is coupled with analytics and conservation tools to help safeguard wildlife populations, promote peace, and empower community-led conservation.

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Safeguarding staff and wildlife at ZimParks with hybrid communications

08 February 2024

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZimParks) is the main Government agency for wildlife conservation, managing approximately five million hectares of land. From 2020-2021, widespread poaching was seen in the parks because of a pandemic-impaired local economy and an absence of tourists in the parks.

Wildlife-human conflicts were on the increase. In 2020, there were more than 50 injuries and 60 deaths. ZimParks was in dire need of a way to improve the safety of park rangers and reduce wildlife poaching activities.

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Satellite IoT protects Africa’s endangered wildlife

03 January 2024

Satellite IoT technology from Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd. is now being used to protect multiple endangered species of wildlife in Africa.

Satellite-enabled tracking devices incorporating Globalstar’s small and lightweight ST100 chipset are being used to monitor rhinoceros, part of a widespread concerted effort to protect nearly-extinct wild animals from illegal poachers.

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Nungu Mine goes smart with 5G and IoT, enhancing worker safety

29 November 2023

South Africa’s mining sector contributes some 18% of the country’s GDP and provides employment for around 500,000 workers. In the dangerous, dirty business that is mining, safety and effective communications are essential.

This has been recognised by the Nungu Mine in Elandspruit, where 5G wireless technology installed at the end of 2022 has delivered unparalleled enhancements in worker safety and business productivity.

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