Satellite broadband speeds up mining operations

13 July 2022





YahClick, the satellite broadband service of UAE-based global satellite operator Yahsat, digs deep to help the mining sector of Sudan

The mining sector plays a significant role in the Sudanese economy with the country emerging as one of the largest gold producers in the world. In an increasingly competitive environment, mining corporations need to make decisions quickly to minimize risks to their business. These decisions can be made only after assessments of operational information from multiple sites. To gain competitive advantage, companies urgently require internet-based communication systems, which can facilitate transfer of data in real time.

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Michelin Launches the Michelin MEMS 4 With SMWG-311 Vibration Resistant Multiband Antenna

02 June 2022

Michelin, a French multinational company specializing in the design and distribution of tires, services and solutions best suited to customers' needs. As a leader in mobility, it is committed to improving its customers' mobility in a sustainable way; to designing and delivering the tires, services and solutions that best meet customers' needs.

They have invented a variety of tires for applications in multiple industries. Working with well-established customers in the mining community, they chose Mobile Mark's SMWG-311 antenna as the antenna solution for their MICHELIN MEMS 4 platform including Tire pressure Monitoring System.

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Delivering better care and proactive medical services

15 December 2021

Image supplied by Telecom26

Lake Kariba Inns, Zambia

IoT Connectivity is becoming essential to enable better access – and better service delivery

IoT has already begin to transform healthcare – and is set to unlock a flood of innovations and new modes of service delivery. It’s safe to say that remote wireless connectivity, typically via cellular mobile, will be integral - indispensable, even - to healthcare of the future. While numerous applications have already emerged, many others are taking shape – with far more yet to be conceived. 

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Serving the people of Chad

08 September 2021

With customers relying on their mobile network for their very livelihood, Tigo Tchad required a partner to quickly refurbish 40 of its cell sites and establish an in-country teleport with limited downtime. SES completed the upgrades and teleport construction in less than four months, despite the physical challenges involved.

As a landlocked, developing nation, Chad poses several unique challenges to deploying mobile networks. Tigo Tchad has nonetheless remained committed to connecting Chadians across the rough geography and identified more than 40 sites that needed updates. Several of these sites were located away from Chad’s transportation and communications infrastructures, so careful planning would be required. A number of sites shared a location with a competing MNO and required a temporary solution while the old equipment was removed since new pad construction or disruption of the competition’s service were not permitted. Long outages were also not tolerable, as Tigo’s customers rely on their connection to conduct business, access weather reports, and communicate with family and friends.

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