Taking arisen opportunities due to the new paradigm

12 November 2020

By Alvaro Sanchez, Integrasys CEO

We still have not realised the impact of the Covid-19, not only in our economy but also in our cultures and societies. Contrary to the global crisis arisen due to the uncertain situation and the disruption in the supply chain; some companies are now breaking records, as they are anticipating the opportunities that are emerging due to the new challenges.

The satellite industry has a traditional workflow and companies within the sector are anchored in the traditional ways of making business. There were only two ways to sell, visiting the customers or contacting them at trade shows. Now, we are adapting to schedule online meetings and calls through Webex or Zoom, and demoing products by AnyDesk or similar tools, that enable us to open new opportunities. Everything is remote; therefore, the challenge is to simplify the supply chain process, logistics should become very simple and effective, avoiding hardware, and moving to cloud services instead of complex programs that require on-site installations. Moreover, the industry demands software as a service, in order to obtain more OPEX and less CAPEX for maximizing the company’s liquidity.

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5G and enterprise, a match made for growth

04 September 2020

Lucky La Riccia, head of digital services at Ericsson Middle East & Africa

Lucky La Riccia, head of digital services at Ericsson Middle East & Africa

Digital technologies are transforming industries worldwide. With 5G being deployed across the region, service providers increasingly recognize the new business opportunities that digital transformation of the enterprise market will bring.

However, to successfully address these opportunities and accelerate longer-term growth, they need to extend their focus from traditional revenue streams to center on digitalizing targeted industries.

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Changing the landscape of the cellular backhaul market in Africa and beyond

12 June 2020

The demand for data is exploding across the globe, and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are poised to become the primary way in which we connect. This is particularly the case as 5G comes to fruition, opening up new innovative use cases. To support this, and the tremendous surge in demand for data it will bring, MNOs will need the help of satellite and its inherent capabilities, especially in rural areas in continents such as Africa.

Satellite has the ability to enable cellular backhaul in even the most remote corners of Africa, which is historically underserved by connectivity. By combining the rapid drop in space segment prices with sophisticated and highly capable ground equipment, the cellular backhaul landscape in Africa is changing radically – and this is all at the hands of reliable, efficient satellite connectivity.


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First-time internet users in Nigeria use the internet in a unique way: Here’s why that matters

10 June 2020

Many people fuelling the rapid growth in mobile phone usage in Nigeria are not fully utilising all the content and services available to them. Sebastien Codeville, CEO, KaiOS Technologies explains what their concerns are – and how they can be overcome

Nigeria is one of the most exciting frontiers for emerging technology usage. The country, known as the “giant of Africa,” shows up in headlines calling it “Africa’s unofficial tech capital,” and “the new economy of Africa.”

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