CMC Networks to enhance network management and optimisation

02 October 2023

CMC Networks is working with Inmanta to revolutionize the management and optimization of CMC Networks' extensive network infrastructure across Africa and between continents.

By leveraging Inmanta Connect's advanced network orchestration capabilities, CMC Networks continues to push the boundaries of innovation. The goal is to deliver exceptional service to customers by provisioning connectivity on demand, enhancing scalability, and improving overall operational efficiency.

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Africa Connective collaboration to change the face of connectivity

29 September 2023

WASP Digital has announced its Africa Connective collaboration with SDWAN & SASE Solutions, an alliance that aims to not only reshape the networking landscape across Africa, propelling it into an era of advanced connectivity and fortifying the continent’s digital transformation journey, but to deliver on many of the Sustainable Development Goals, as specified by the African Union, the UN, and the World Bank.

“This partnership adds weight to WASP Digital’s long-held connectivity expansion plans for all of Africa, which will bring greater prosperity and opportunity to lives, as well as businesses,” said Grant Webber, CEO at WASP Digital. “Many NGOs and organisations are working right now on re-shaping the future of every African nation, and therefore the entire continent, via Sustainable Development Goals – building pan-African secure digital connectivity is a large part of that reshaping and underpins many other SDGs. SDG objectives are built into everything we do at WASP Digital. Having SDWAN & SASE Solutions as a key strategic partner in the Africa Connective and their unique OMNIA solution solves many of the specific issues faced by individuals and businesses in Africa, both existing businesses and those that are up and coming. Their expert technology credentials and proven innovation history of bringing breakthrough technology to the market, will help deliver these SDGs and bring betterment for all. There is further big news on the growth of the Africa Connective partnership, which we will be able to release to the public soon.”

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TMCEL deploys 770 base stations

25 September 2023

TMCEL has deployed 770 new base stations as part of the second phase of the expansion and modernization program for its telecommunications network, which is 57% complete.

As part of network modernization and expansion, TMCEL upgraded its fibre optic backbone and installed new equipment to activate customers and monitor the network. The company has established points of presence for internet provision in 95% of the country and started updating Business Support Systems (BSS).

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Namibia’s SIM registration faces major challenges

21 September 2023

The campaign to register SIM cards for Namibian mobile phone subscribers is facing significant challenges which are slowing down the process with just a few months to go.

According to data released by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN), only 795,991 SIM cards had been registered as of 15 June, a registration rate of 29%.

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