LIT creates direct access to USA internet resources via a new POP connection

04 October 2021

David Eurin, CEO, Liquid Seaadded to the project

David Eurin, CEO, Liquid Sea
added to the project

Africans will now be able to benefit from a direct connection to the USA as Liquid Intelligent Technologies (LIT) opens an internet point of presence in Miami, connecting to the Liquid network via a South Atlantic subsea cable.

Part of Liquid’s east-west route between the US and Asia via Africa, the new POP is connected to its 100,000km of fibre across 11 countries on the continent and another 14 countries via the Operators Alliance Programme and Liquid Satellite Services. Businesses and consumers should be able to leverage a better connection to the US, giving them access to cloud services, OTT resources, internet content and “high-quality voice and video calls” with family and business partners.

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ACE subsea cable is now live

04 October 2021


The Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) submarine cable is live and available for interconnection at all three of Teraco’s data centres across South Africa.

This comes after the ACE cable put the last segment of the cable linking Europe, West Africa and South Africa into commercial service at the start of June.


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Cameroon and Gabon fibre interconnection now operational

06 September 2021

The Cameroon-Gabon fibre interneconnection is now live

The Cameroon-Gabon fibre interneconnection is now live

Cameroon and Gabon have deployed and officially launched a 22km interconnected fibre optic network, which means telecommunication exchanges between the two countries will be direct and not via international sub-marine cables, thereby reducing cost.

The network infrastructure was launched July 15 in Meyo-Kye, Gabon by Cameroon’s minister of posts and telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng and Gabon’s minister of state, minister of communication and digital economy, Edgard Anicet Mboumbou Miyakou.

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Mauritius launches first satellite

02 July 2021

Mauritius became the latest African country to have a presence in space, following the successful launch of a CubeSat – MIR-SAT1 on board the SpaceX Falcon 9 from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA.

MIR SAT, which stands for Mauritius Imagery and Radiotelecommunication Satellite, is a nano satellite (a term reserved for any satellite with a mass from 1kg-10kg. Once it is deployed and begins orbiting Earth, the ground station at the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council (MRIC) in Ebene will be able to contact it a few times a day.

Data the MRIC receives will help the Indian Ocean nation with disaster management and prevention. The ground station will also allow the receipt of data and telemetry from other satellites.

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