TMCEL deploys 770 base stations

25 September 2023

TMCEL has deployed 770 new base stations as part of the second phase of the expansion and modernization program for its telecommunications network, which is 57% complete.

As part of network modernization and expansion, TMCEL upgraded its fibre optic backbone and installed new equipment to activate customers and monitor the network. The company has established points of presence for internet provision in 95% of the country and started updating Business Support Systems (BSS).

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Vodafone Ghana launches 4G+

18 September 2023

Vodafone Ghana has launched 4G+ in the country, which will allow subscribers to enjoy increased network speed and improved services.

“4G+ is not just a technical upgrade; it's about reshaping our users' online experience. We are paving the way for a transformation of mobile connectivity for Ghanaians, bringing them faster download and upload speeds with 4G,” said Aatif Jamal Qidwai, chief technology officer at Vodafone Ghana. The company is in the process of rolling out the technology to most of its telecom sites across the country.

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Oyo government seals Ibadan towers over tax dispute

14 September 2023

The Oyo government in Nigeria has sealed telecommunications pylons in Ibadan, the state capital. The government said that the companies that own the infrastructure have not paid taxes linked to land use.

The telecom operators concerned were not specified. However, the execution team of the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development claims to have warned them before taking action.

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NuRAN Wireless to create Madagascar subsidiary

12 September 2023

NuRAN Wireless is in the process of creating a local subsidiary in Madagascar. The company announced that it had initiated procedures with the Technology Regulatory Authority (ARTEC) to obtain an operating license.

This announcement comes approximately 9 months after it signed a 10-year agreement with Orange Madagascar for the deployment of 500 rural network telecommunications sites, under the network-as-a-service (NaaS) model.

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