AMN gains US$20 million loan for network expansion

16 November 2022

Africa Mobile Networks (AMN) has secured a US$20 million loan from Finnfund and BlueOrchard Finance to further expand its network in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa. This investment should make it possible to provide telecom services to an additional 35 million people.

“AMN connects the unconnected in sub-Saharan Africa by providing mobile network access for rural areas. We have a unique opportunity to accelerate digital inclusion in growing markets and digital infrastructure is a critical driver of sustainable growth and shared prosperity,” said Philipp Mueller, CEO of BlueOrchard.

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Hormuud Telecom loses tower to terrorism

10 November 2022

Hormuud Telecom’s telecommunications centre and tower in Qaayib, Galmudug, Somalia, has been destroyed in a car bomb attack by the terrorist group Al-Shabaab.

The incident caused approximately 14,000 people residing in the area to disconnect from the operator's network.

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AI technology accelerates efficiencies and sustainability for new power deployments at sites in Angola

07 November 2022

MEGMAR International provides infrastructure solutions to the telecommunications industry. The company engages with tower operators to enable the creation of new towers in half the industry standard time, while complying with the industry’s evolving demands.

Redefining efficiency for hybrid solutions
Hybrid power systems for cell towers are essential for delivering high SLAs for mobile connectivity in geographies with poor grid infrastructure. A typical set up for hybrid systems relies on pre-programmed rules to switch between grid, solar, battery and on-site diesel according to a set of predetermined criteria.

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COMESA: Governments should subsidise telco infrastructure

03 November 2022

The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) has urged member state governments to subsidize the construction of telecommunications infrastructure, particularly for MNOs, in order to provide better quality services at affordable costs.

“We are developing guidelines on infrastructure sharing. These are some of the questions we try to address. In fact, some countries in the region have granted licenses to operators to use the same,” said Jean Baptiste Mutabazi, director of infrastructure and logistics at COMESA. He added that operators could also consider colocation of their transmitters on the same tower to further reduce costs.

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