Safaricom Ethiopia launches in Tigray

14 June 2024

Safaricom Ethiopia has announced the launch of its commercial activities in the Tigray region.

The company will now provide Tigrayans with its mobile phone, internet, SMS and mobile money services (via M-Pesa).

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Sonatel launches 5G offers

14 June 2024

Sonatel (Orange) has launched 5G mobile offers in Senegal, offering ‘instant download and streaming speeds, as well as increased responsiveness for real-time applications, such as online gaming, virtual reality, telemedicine, e-education and more others.’

Sonatel's 5G network currently covers Dakar, Thiès, Saint-Louis, Diourbel, Kaolack and Louga, with 176 sites deployed. The company intends to extend the coverage of the latest generation mobile network to the entire Dakar region by the end of 2024.

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Vodafone Egypt tests new tower models

13 June 2024

Vodafone Egypt has successfully tested a new model of telecom towers that combines the 1800MHz, 2100 FDD and 2600 TDD frequency bands into a single radio unit.

The initiative should allow the operator to rationalize available spectrum resources to accelerate the extension of the coverage of its telecoms network across the country.

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Ethio Telecom extends 4G to 77 new cities

06 June 2024

Ethio Telecom has expanded its 4G internet service to 77 additional towns across Ethiopia, bringing the number of Ethiopian cities covered to 417.

“Our company is committed to continuously developing various infrastructures and deploying cutting-edge technologies to simplify the daily lives of citizens and modernize work systems, thereby boosting the digital economy and promoting the multi-dimensional development of the nation,” said Ethio Telecom in a release.

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