Egyptian president airs ‘TIBA-1’ plans

19 February 2021

Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi called to ensure that the ‘TIBA-1’ satellite be “utilised with the utmost optimisation for governmental communications” within the administrative body and the New Administrative Capital.

Local media reported that, the leader met with minister of telecommunication Amro Talaat and the executive chief of Egyptian Space Agency Mohammed Afifi to discuss future usage of the satellite, citing the president’s spokesperson Bassam Radi.

Talaat presented developments on the unified governmental network to support fast data transmission.

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Lancom’s new entry-level Wi-Fi 6 access point looks like a smoke detector

08 February 2021

Styled to look like a smoke detector, Lancom’s new entry-level Wi-Fi 6 access point is priced to appeal to small- to medium-sized organisations.

With aggregated data rates of up to 1,775 Mbps, the LW-600 is said to be ideal where small to medium numbers of users require high-throughput Wi-Fi.

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Wireless router is ready for the future

05 February 2021

Targeted at businesses with branch networks, the E3000 range is said by Cradlepoint to be the first 5G-optimised, all-in-one wireless edge router for the market.

Customers, it says, can set up a wireless WAN today using LTE and Wi-Fi technology and seamlessly upgrade to 5G in the future. 

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Covid-19: a blessing for mobile money?

04 February 2021

Mobile money, affectionately known as MoMo to many, has been a staple of the east African economy for years. After more than a decade since its emergence, the service has evolved as the formal financial service of choice for many underserved groups in developing countries.

Pre-pandemic days, the rapid adoption and widespread use in this part of Africa wasn’t necessarily to do with convenience, but on its necessity, since it bridges gaps for the “unbanked” population that the existing banking sector doesn’t.

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