Mission critical communications – it’s all about trust

02 July 2021

Mladen Vratonjic, chair, The Critical Communications Association (TCCA)

Mladen Vratonjic, chair, The Critical Communications Association (TCCA)

Users of mission critical communications typically operate in environments and/or circumstances that are dangerous, challenging, and perhaps even life threatening. It is therefore essential that they need to trust the communications services that support them. In extreme situations, the communications channel is of vital importance – it can literally mean the difference between life and death.

For communication services to be truly mission critical, they need to be available always and everywhere. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, road, rail or air accidents can happen anywhere - it is impossible to predict when and where incidents will take place. Therefore, excellent geographic radio coverage is the most important aspect for high service availability. The mission critical network must be resilient, with redundancy, fallback options and off-network communications capability. 

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Undersea mudslide caused continent-wide internet outages

02 July 2021

A new study has found that two subsea cables off west Africa were severely damaged by undersea mudslides, which may have been linked to nearby river flooding.

In January 2020, the south Atlantic 3/West Africa (SAT-3/Wasc) cable, linking Africa to Portugal and Spain was hit by a breakdown in Gabon, whilst the West Africa Cable System (WACS) that connects South Africa to the United Kingdom saw an outage off the coast of the DRC Congo.

Later, in March, the WACS cable experienced a further break affecting international bandwidth.  Whilst many ISPs suffered extended outage periods, most of the major mobile operators were able to mitigate the impact on internet traffic due to their redundancy measures and were in a position to redirect data traffic to other subsea cable networks.

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MOTOTRBO Ion: Making yourself heard

08 June 2021

Motorola’s MOTOTRBO Ion is a next generation business-ready smart radio with voice, broadband data and multimedia capabilities to connect teams, inform operations and keep businesses running smoothly.

The device brings real-time intelligent data to existing business workflows. Its fully open Android application ecosystem allows for seamless integration of the mobile data applications that commercial industries depend on, such as those used for enterprise-grade barcode scanning, as well as team communication platforms used for messaging, meetings and shared content.

The MOTOTRBO Ion smart radio is purpose-built for a variety of enterprise environments. The dual microphones, speaker size and audio engineering provide crystal clarity and noise suppression for powerful audio that outperforms smartphones, especially in loud environments.


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Damm names new business development manager for north Africa

02 June 2021

Joseph Mehawej

Joseph Mehawej will be based in France

Digital radio infrastructure systems vendor DAMM has named Joseph Mehawej as its new business development manager for MENA. 

Over the past 17 years, Mehawej has covered the region through his different sales and channel management roles there.
His expertise also extends to secure communication solutions for metros, airports and oil & gas companies.

“In his capacity as business development manager Joe will be identifying and signing new partners in the MENA region, as well as maintaining our existing partner relationships. I am confident that he will add great value not only to us as a company, but also to our partners and end-customers,” said regional sales director Stuart Will.

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