The mission critical comms revolution

07 September 2022

Paul Ward, director, ETELM

Paul Ward, director, ETELM

Private 4G/5G communications offers an exciting opportunity for mission critical users – the move towards high-speed broadband services will enable new, advanced applications and offer significant operational improvements for users. However, there will still be a demand for traditional PMR technologies….so can the industry gain more than just the improvement in data services?

TETRA is still the most advanced digital trunked communications system for mission critical users today and sets the standard for voice and group communications but will never be able to offer the high-speed data services that are essential for today’s critical workers. As organisations look towards the next generation mobile communications, there is an opportunity to reflect on how different technologies can continue to be viable for users.

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Zimbabwe: 400 schools connected to internet

06 September 2022

Zimbabwe has connected more than 400 schools to the internet, according to a government official.

Speaking at a post-Cabinet briefing August 10, the country’s information minister Monica Mutsvangwa said this was part of government’s ongoing project to accelerate the national e-learning strategy.

“Four hundred schools from all the provinces across the country were connected to the internet,” she said. “This is part of an ongoing programme to accelerate the implementation of the national e-learning strategy.”

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VHF TETRA Solution Provides Extended Coverage for Mission Critical Users

13 July 2022

In expansive mining environments, where critical communications are essential both above and below ground, VHF TETRA offers the ideal solution to consolidate multiple networks into one mission critical solution.

Above ground: VHF signals carry further in open spaces, enabling a cost effective but powerful TETRA solution that provides crystal clear audio even in loud, wet or dusty conditions. Below ground: With greater signal propagation, VHF TETRA is ideal for complex or expansive underground networks where safety is paramount.

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Critical communications: dealing with disaster

12 July 2022



Recent floods in parts of South Africa have caused widespread devastation – putting critical communications under the spotlight. Robert Shepherd speaks to those keeping the continent connected

The tragedy of the recent floods in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province brought critical communications to the fore – but not necessarily for the right reasons. Devastating landslides and gushing water damaged or completely destroyed north of 900 base stations for MTN and Vodacom alone. Not only did the ‘act of God’ and the resultant impact on the province’s infrastructure highlight the immediate benefits of a flexible internet telephony network, but many businesses were also left without critical communications to their employees.

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