SqwidNet owner launches Sigfox South Africa

06 September 2022

European internet of things (IOT) wireless network operator Sigfox has officially launched in South African, a year after the previous network operator in the country was wound down.

The company is the result of the extensive restructuring of Community Investment Ventures Holdings (CIVH)-owned IOT unit SqwidNet, which was closed after it failed to make profit for its owners – six years after it was launched in November 2016.

The South African unit is is backed by a consortium of investors comprising CIVH, Discovery Insure, Fidelity ADT, Macrocomm and Buffet Investments.

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Seychelles NGO goes high-tech with Huawei

06 September 2022

Huawei Technologies is supporting a local environmental non-profit organisation to improve conservation through use of novel technology in Seychelles.

Non-governmental organisation (NGO), Nature Seychelles, has received a grant of US$200,000 from the tech giant that will go toward a new project that has been dubbed
“Next-Gen Conservation: Applying and sharing lessons in the use of technology and digital based solutions for island and coastal conservation management.”

Through the project, the team at Nature Seychelles seeks to improve digital connectivity on Cousin Island Special Reserve. Nature Seychelles has been managing the reserve since 1998, and is currently undertaking various conservation projects on the island.

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Tanzania gets 5G help from China

08 July 2022



Tanzania will benefit from China’s support in promoting the distribution of information and communication technologies, after the countries signed a deal for the adoption and development 5G mobile technology in the country.

Discussions also covered the deployment of telecommunication services in inaccessible areas (especially in rural areas), cybersecurity, Tanzania’s candidacy for the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Council.

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IoT helps curb motorbike theft in Uganda

10 June 2022

Ugandan fintech Boda Boda Banja, which provides un-or underbanked people with the opportunity to buy or lease a motorbike or ‘boda boda’, has hired mobile operator Telecom26 to deploy IoT to help track down stolen motorcycles in the east African country.

Motorbike theft is a big problem across Uganda with solo drivers seen as easy targets for thieves, both companies said. They added that in 2021 more than 170 motorcycles were stolen from members of the Gulu West and Gulu East Boda-Boda Associations in Northern Uganda.

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