How is IoT driving wireless communications?

29 November 2023

IoT is enabling fantastic new applications that deliver huge benefits to businesses and consumers across the globe. In support of widespread IoT rollout, wireless connectivity coverage is evolving in turn - Amy Saunders asks the experts to elaborate

The Internet of Things (IoT) is taking the world by storm. According to Statista, industrial IoT (IIoT) revenues in Africa alone are expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 17.5% to US$16.81 billion over 2023-2028. With such hefty revenues being generated, where and how is IoT being utilised across Africa today?

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Overcoming interoperability challenges: keeping remote renewable assets connected

07 November 2023

Alastair MacLeod, CEO, Ground Control

Alastair MacLeod, CEO, Ground Control

The ability of different systems and devices to communicate and work together seamlessly – interoperability – has transformed industry. In the renewables sector, interoperability is key to keeping remote renewable assets including wind turbines, solar installations, and energy storage systems connected.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already enabled unprecedented levels of connectivity, data collection, and analysis across industry, and the renewables sector is no exception. IoT devices can be used to monitor the performance of renewable energy assets such as turbines and generators, utilising real-time data to improve efficiency and reduce downtime.

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MTN Group adopts AI

04 October 2023

MTN Group has expanded a collaboration with Genesys and Accenture to improve customer experience through the adoption of cloud-native solutions and advanced AI capabilities.

MTN will now deploy Genesys Cloud CX platform for thousands of agents across its markets, with the machine learning (ML) technology helping understand customer queries more intuitively and generating real-time analytics.

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MTN South Africa targets IoT with Eseye

19 September 2023

MTN South Africa has announced a new relationship with Eseye as part of a big IoT push on the continent.

Eseye's IoT solutions will be deployed in South Africa as part of the agreement, with the goal of expanding the technology to eighteen MTN operating companies across Africa. This partnership includes integrating with MTN's existing infrastructure, leveraging Eseye's expertise and experience in building IoT solutions.

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