Nokia: private wireless networks on the up

17 June 2024

Nokia’s 2024 Industrial Digitalisation Report highlights that all 100 interviewed early adopters are using private wireless networks in additional locations or have expanded their use by launching more use cases in existing locations.

The Nokia report and related survey was conducted by GlobalData to gauge industry progress and return on investment (ROI) among private wireless early adopters in the manufacturing, transportation, and energy industries.

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Vodafone Egypt tests new tower models

13 June 2024

Vodafone Egypt has successfully tested a new model of telecom towers that combines the 1800MHz, 2100 FDD and 2600 TDD frequency bands into a single radio unit.

The initiative should allow the operator to rationalize available spectrum resources to accelerate the extension of the coverage of its telecoms network across the country.

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Moov Africa ordered to immediately share infrastructure with Airtel

03 June 2024

Gabon's Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (ARCEP) has ordered Moov Africa Gabon Télécom to immediately share its infrastructure with its competitor Airtel in certain regions of the country.

The sharing will take place on the Makokou-Okondja and Okondja-Aboumi axis, in the provinces of Ogooué-Ivindo and Haut-Ogooué. André Obabalaka, assistant to the president of the ARCEP regulatory council, explained that all the sites built on this axis are exclusively operated by Moov Africa Gabon Télécom.

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Vodacom Lesotho’s new tower inaugurated

22 May 2024

A new state-of-the-art cell tower, funded by the Government of Lesotho’s Universal Service Fund (USF) through the African Development Bank (ADB) and operated by Vodacom Lesotho has been inaugurated.

The Ha Tšepe cell tower is another milestone in the government and Vodacom Lesotho’s mission to deliver connectivity to underserved communities, bridging the digital divide and equipping every Mosotho with the tools necessary to thrive in today’s interconnected society.

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