Nigeria ‘confident’ of meeting new SIM NIN deadline

19 February 2021

Nigeria is confident of meeting the newly-imposed February 9 deadline for the completion of the NIN (National Identity Number)-SIM card integration project, according to the country’s officials.

Ikechukwu Adinde, director, public affairs, at the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) told local media outlets that 47.8 million NINs have been collected by mobile operators.

“At an average of three to four SIMs per subscriber, this means many millions will be linked up before the deadline in February 2021,” Adinde said in a statement. 

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New global money transfer solution in Kenya

18 February 2021

Co-operative Bank of Kenya, financial institution in Kenya and the larger east Africa region, has partnered with Thunes, a cross-border payment provider, to launch an alternative global money transfer solution.

Called Co-opRemit, it streamlines the process of real-time money transfers, particularly within Africa, allowing Co-op Bank customers in Kenya to move funds across the world quickly at an affordable rate.

Customers may send money directly to a foreign bank account or mobile number. Thunes says money transfers through this platform will bear no extra charge beyond the tariff, thus offering full transparency on forex fees.

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Covid-19 leads to MoMo explosion in Kenya

18 February 2021

Mobile Money (MoMo) usage in Kenya has exploded by 26.17% in 2020 compared to 2019 - with a financial value of US$45.3bn between January and November, as nationals followed  government payment recommendations to curb the spread of Covid-19.  

According to data from the Central Bank of Kenya, the mobile money segment has benefited greatly from the coronavirus crisis to the detriment of that of bank cards. The number of transactions, which was 1.7 billion from January to November 2019, rose to 4.4 billion during the same period in 2020. That is a growth of 160.45%.

The financial value of these transactions amounted to Ksh5,000bn (US$45.3bn) against Ksh3,962.834bn (US$35.9bn) in 2019. This represents a growth of 26.17% driven by the recent message of the president Uhuru Kenyatta, March 20, 2020. He urged people across the country to adopt mobile payments to help curb the spread of the virus. The number of subscribers has also increased from 58.039 million in November 2019 to 65.766 million in November 2020. 

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Lancom’s new entry-level Wi-Fi 6 access point looks like a smoke detector

08 February 2021

Styled to look like a smoke detector, Lancom’s new entry-level Wi-Fi 6 access point is priced to appeal to small- to medium-sized organisations.

With aggregated data rates of up to 1,775 Mbps, the LW-600 is said to be ideal where small to medium numbers of users require high-throughput Wi-Fi.

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