Kenwood’s NX-1000 ‘all-rounder’

03 January 2020

Kenwood says its new NX-1000 series of professional two-way radios – for everyday use – is “packing” the latest digital protocol, NXDN or DMR.

This One-“K”-Fits-All solution, the firm claims, is “certain to enhance business efficiency by providing the best match for individual radio requirements”.

One added advantage, Kenwood says, is mixed-mode operation to ensure seamless integration with legacy radios and existing systems while smoothing the onward migration path to digital. 

Kenwood radios can to be found in many of today’s racing cars and the company says that while drawing on these strengths, the NX-1000 series has been conceived as a single, affordable platform that offers the latest digital protocols plus the ability to satisfy the widest range of user requirements.

Customers can pick either the NXDN or DMR digital CAI; FM analogue only models are also available. 

There’s the choice of basic and standard keypad models are available, with the option of a high-contrast backlit LCD for more intuitive operation.

RF output is 5W (VHF & UHF). Kenwood reckons operating ease is further enhanced with a 7-color LED indicator that provides useful information at a glance, such as battery level and ‘selective call’ alert.