Spacecom & ST Engineering iDirect demonstrate VSAT return

07 August 2020

Spacecom and ST Engineering iDirect have demonstrated VSAT return capabilities on the AMOS-17 satellite, according to the partner companies.

They said the demonstration result- ed in an “exceptionally” wide return link for a small VSAT of 40 Mbps using the iDirect iQ 200 modem’s Adaptive TDMA return over AMOS-17’s high power C-band HTS beams.

Conducted from the UK based SMS Teleport, the modem and antenna were installed in a com- munications truck located between Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa. The return data rate enabled simultaneous transmission of multiple high data streams from South Africa to Europe with a small antenna, resulting in the low-pow- er communications-on-the-pause (COTP) solution. Both firms said this opens up operational and business opportunities such as emergency deployments, govern- ment applications, coverage of events and backhaul services.

“By utilising the iDirect Evolution platform and iQ 200, we can now offer a unique low footprint, low power and high capacity return links from any remote location, en- abling users to enter new markets and facilitate new applications,” said Tsachi Dahan, Spacecom vice president of vertical solutions.

“AMOS-17’s C-Band spot beams provide superior throughput and efficiencies over Sub-Saharan Africa with connections to Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia.
We look forward to presenting this unique value proposition to our customers brought about by this combination of satellite and ground segment.”