Nigerian Communication Commission boss outlines targets

08 September 2020

Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) chief executive officer (CEO) Umar Garba Danbatta, predicted Nigeria will see “significant improvement” in its telecoms industry over the next five years, supported by network rollouts and fresh initiatives.

He was speaking at a media briefing, where he said there will be mass deployments of 4G networks across the country, deeper penetration of broadband and committed to proper implementation of a digital economy and new strategies. 

The CEO also stated there will be a focus on boosting consumer confidence by investigating “unwholesome practices” from certain service providers to safeguard consumer rights, and plan to reduce the cost of mobile data steadily from the current rate of 800 Naira ($2.07) per gigabit to 390 Naira ($1.01).

Speaking about broadband, Danbatta said the regulator aimed for a 70% broadband penetration rate, connecting 90% of the population by 2025, putting it in line with new targets from the Nigerian National Broadband Plan.

The regulator created a new arm within itself called the Digital Economy Department, in a bid to spur Nigeria’s digital economy with new initiatives, and better leverage connectivity in the country.

In May, the NCC denied reports claiming 5G networks were up and running in Nigeria, stating licences for were yet to be issued then.