Liquid Telecom launches managed cybersecurity service for Africa

11 September 2020

Pan-Africa  telecommunications group Liquid Telecom has launched a cybersecurity unit, which provides end-to-end managed services for digital security and is designed to protect customers' digitally transformed businesses including networks, people and systems.

Company CEO Nic Rudnick said the new unit has brought together specialist companies as partners to protect clients, users and networks and to keep the total environment of clients safe against cybercrime.

"On average, about 10% of apps used in businesses are implemented by the information technology (IT) department, 70% by business departments and 20% by employees," he added. "We do not want to prevent departments and employees from using apps, but want to make these apps visible to IT so that they can be monitored and the risks managed. We aim to keep the business network and users safe, irrespective of where they are."

Chief digital officer David Behr added that the aim of the cybersecurity unit is to help clients manage cybersecurity risks, including the evaluation, design and planning, targeted cybersecurity training and assessment of personnel, and monitoring and detection, as well as threat-hunting.