Telecom Egypt targets 2600MHz airwaves

08 October 2020

Telecom Egypt (TE) has applied to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (NTRA) to acquire a holding of 2600MHz TDD spectrum, according to local reports.

The country’s primary operator will reportedly use the spectrum to improve network reliability and quality of service, adding that the frequency holding would help it to modernise its infrastructure. Telecom Egypt has requested a usage period of ten years for the spectrum.

It is understood that TE was not the only operator to apply for the new spectrum being issued by the regulator - Vodafone Egypt has also filed a bid, although Orange and Etisalat have not. An official from the NTRA was quoted as saying that results would be published “as soon as they are approved”.

Furthermore, it has been reported that the regulator is offering 60MHz of 2600MHz spectrum with a reserve price of US$150 million per 10MHz. Currently one 40MHz and one 20MHz will be made available, with another 20MHz slated for sale in the future.