Cash Crusaders and KaiOS launch DIXON XK1 'South Africa’s first unlocked smart feature phone'

23 November 2020

The new device

The new device

Cash Crusaders and KaiOS Technologies today launched the DIXON XK1, 'the first open market KaiOS device in South Africa'.

Priced at R450, the DIXON XK1 comes with a dual SIM slot. Users can enjoy the flexibility to use separate SIM cards bought from any mobile network operators across the country. The dual SIM capability enables users to both maximize coverage and choose the pre- and post-paid plans that best fit their budget and needs.

The DIXON XK1 is targeted for three separate groups:

1. First-time or relatively new internet users who are looking for a safe space and a trusted reference to access vital information, including access to the world’s most popular apps such as Google Assistant, Google Maps, WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and other relevant, local content.

2. The five million South Africans who want to use the mobile internet, but are priced out of the smartphone market.

3. People who are looking for a back-up device to switch between operators to get the best price and coverage, to use during activities like hiking or their chosen sports activity.

Earlier this year, the President highlighted the need for improved digital literacy in his State of the Nation Address, and discussed with MNOs to lower their pricing to help reduce digital inequality. The introduction of DIXON XK1 also helps the millions of South Africans who are data-price sensitive.

The KaiStore comes with hundreds of data-lite apps that require little data to download and have the option of a progressive web app that can be accessed via a browser that consumes less data than smartphones, and can encourage greater adoption of digital services among the country’s middle- to low-income groups.

“Digital inclusion is a major topic in South Africa and we are happy to be able to play our part in increasing access to the essential life tools and services found online," said CEO of Cash Crusaders, Sean Stegmann. “Mobile phones are no longer luxuries. However, buying a phone and a data plan are still substantial investments for many of our customers. The new DIXON XK1 provides users with all the essential features of a smartphone at a fraction of the price. The limited data used to access apps in the device, as well as the flexibility to use different SIM cards from any operators, could best cater the needs of our customers”.

“High Street stores across the world are now launching their own branded mobile phones," said Sebastien Codeville, CEO of KaiOS Technologies. "We're happy to see this trend arrive in South Africa as it enables more people with internet access. The launch of the DIXON XK1 marks the first unlocked smart feature phone in the country. We believe millions of South Africans will benefit through affordable and life-changing digital services."

The devices are now available from the Cash Crusaders stores across South Africa -