Fighting against the digital divide in rural Africa with Satmotion and Alusat

17 December 2020

Connecting rural Angola

Connecting rural Angola

MSTelcom, a telecommunications and satellite communication based in Angola, is fighting against the digital divide by providing connectivity to rural parts of the country and successfully deploying a large network across it, supported by ST Engineering iDirect’s Evolution platform. 

This deployment was helped by the Integrasys VSAT Auto-Commissioning tool, Satmotion Pocket, which aids the delivery, commissioning and maintenance of VSAT services.

‘’It was a pleasure working with Integrasys on having this great solution in our network. We think that from now our goals will be achievable as expected and in record time. Among other achievements we expect to continue to meet our SLAs, reduce remote activation time, conduct faster performance site measurements, reduce international calls (to satellite space segment providers) for support and reduce OPEX significantly (due to less remotes site visits)," said Agostinho Kimpa Mungongo Kusseiala, satellite deputy team leader at MSTelcom. "For us, working with Integrasys is expected to be a partnership rather than a client-supplier relationship. Working together proved to be a great experience’."

Hannes Hattingh, Sales Director Africa, from ST Engineering iDirect added: "The iDirect Evolution platform is designed to work with third party systems that support and enable faster, accurate and cost-effective deployment of remotes. Satmotion Pocket is optimized for use on Evolution and streamlines the commissioning process, enabling installers to autonomously line-up antennas and eliminating the need for hub-side coordination and back-channel communications. Post installation, the Alusat system enables MSTelcom to centrally monitor all their VSATs to ensure optimal performance."

Alvaro Sánchez, CEO, from Integrasys said: "For us, working in Africa with MSTelcom is a great honor, supporting their effort of bridging the digital divide. We are glad to partner with ST Engineering iDirect in this business and many more’’.