EllaLink cable brings north African countries closer to solid broadband connectivity

08 January 2021

Morocco, and Mauritania and Cape Verde took a major step toward improved broadband connectivity after the EllaLink cable anchored in Sines, Portugal.

Pedro Lopes, Cape Verde’s deputy secretary of state for innovation, said the speed increase will begin int the first quarter of 2021.
He added that the country’s people will soon have access to additional data capacity which should greatly improve their experience of high-speed Internet connectivity.

Lopes was speaking on the subject at the 1st Internet Security Forum, organized from December 9 to 10 by the Multisectoral Economic Regulatory Agency (ARME) under the theme: "Internet, pandemic and sustainability".

The technical terminal is located in the industrial zone of Achada Grande Frente, a subdivision of the city of Praia in the island of Santiago.