Nexign helps CSPs

14 April 2021

Nexign, the business support system (BSS) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider, has completed the large-scale digital transformation project that addresses the challenges of CSPs globally, including the Middle Eastern and African regions.

The company claims that technologies and methodologies introduced in the Unified Billing project help CSPs of any size reduce TTM for new digital services by up to five times, simplify cooperation with partners and optimise costs for support of billing systems.

Having completed the Unified Billing project for MegaFon –provider of digital opportunities that operates in Russia, Tajikistan, the Republic of Abkhazia and South Ossetia – Nexign said it has proven it can bring measurable value to CSPs’ business and help them facilitate transformation.

The need to go beyond classical telecom services pushed MegaFon to rebuild the billing core and develop a unified billing system for all its subsidiaries. The joint team of Nexign and MegaFon gradually moved eight operators’ subsidiaries to a single BSS.

“Since CSPs in the Middle East and Africa are looking for the way to streamline digital transformation processes, it is clear that unified and centralized product management, as well as technologies like microservices and methodologies like Fast Track are in huge demand in the market,” said Hassen Hamza, business development manager of Nexign.