Sepura SC21

11 May 2021

Small and light, the SC21 is the next-generation, smart TETRA hand-portable radio. With a wide range of functionality inherited from the SC20 hand-portable - yet 25% smaller - it offers all the benefits of a compact radio.

Reliable performance: With a best-in-class TETRA engine, the SC21 allows you to keep communicating where other small handsets fail. Class 3 high-power RF transmission, coupled with exceptional receive sensitivity, gives the SC21 extended operational range.

Powerful Audio: The SC21’s best-in-class audio capability allows for rich, clear voice communication, however noisy the environment. The powerful, directional speaker projects audio to the user’s ear, providing extra clarity, and unique Water Porting technology ensures that clarity is maintained, even in continuous, heavy rain.

Advanced Safety Features: The SC21’s advanced worker safety features offer peace of mind for lone and remote workers at all times of the day or night, including automated Man-Down and Lone Worker protection, biometric user health monitoring and location tracking.

User Friendly: The SC21 has a 2.4” high resolution QVGA screen – the largest on any TETRA hand-portable – allowing for quick and easy viewing in all light conditions, including direct sunlight.