Orange launches 4G TDD in Botswana

02 July 2021

Orange Botswana has launched a new TD-LTE network to provide fixed-wireless connectivity for home and business users, called Konnecta Max.

This new service includes three tiers of pre-paid and post-paid offers and is available to customers in 22 towns across the country. The first is Unlimited Prepaid Max, which affords customers unlimited access and flexibility as it is available without a contract.

Konnecta Prepaid Max offers more volume and affordability for as little as P199 for 20GB. The third offer is Konnecta Postpaid Max, which gives customers affordable unrestricted access on contract.

Patrick Benon, chief executive officer at Orange Botswana, said the company was excited to offer a service  with more data access options. 

“Indeed, we now offer a higher entry level package at a cheaper price, so not only is this a first for Botswana in terms of the technology being used, but we are actively working to ensure that the quality to price ratio remains competitive in the market as our customers deserve to get value for their money,” he added. Orange already uses its FDD 4G network to provide access for home users. 

In May, Orange Botswana partnered with the Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) through its OrangeMoney service, starting a new bill payment service aimed at CEDA customers. The service allows them to repay loans through Orange Money, anywhere.