Cameroon regulator’s new model to become highly efficient by 2025

08 September 2021

Cameroon’s Telecommunications Regulatory Board (ART) is working on a new regulatory model “to become a robust, innovative and performing institution by 2025”.

The ART indicated that with this fundamental transition, it would be able to optimally contribute to the achievement of president Paul Biya’s ambitions for “the strategic sector of electronic communications” during the current presidential term.

This new regulatory model is being developed in a country that needs to prepare for the integration of the 5G technology, which is 10 to 100
times faster than the 4G, and efficiently anticipate the emergence of new technological innovations.

The ART said it has become apparent that there is a big gap between the current regulatory model and the innovation dynamic ongoing in the telecommunications sector.

That gap can significantly impede the harmonious development of electronic communications in Cameroon, the ART concluded. This is what the new model is being developed to address.