World Bank backs Congo's digital economy with US$100m

09 November 2021

The World Bank approved the disbursement of $100 million to support Congo’s digital migration strategy.

Minister of the digital economy Léon Juste Ibombo made the announcement following a meeting with a World Bank delegation.

Samia Melhem, lead policy officer for the World Bank Group's transport and ICT practice, also a member of the delegation, said the project will "propel the digital economy in Congo through reforms in the legal and regulatory framework and investments in infrastructure for digital inclusion".

The World Bank support will also “promote the growth of e-business, the use of platforms that will allow young people to find jobs,” she said.

Guy Roland Tsimba, director general of digital economy development at the Ministry of Telecommunications also welcomed the initiative and said digital transformation will turn Congo into a "full-fledged information and knowledge society".