Mauritius Telecom partners with petrol body for cashless payment service

10 May 2022

Mauritius Telecom has joined forces with the Petroleum Retailers Association to enable cashless fuel payment in filling stations via the my.t money service, free of charge for both customers and petroleum retailers.

Sherry Singh, chief executive officer at the telco said that as a commercial enterprise, Mauritius Telecom had to earn profits so that it could provide further innovative products and services. However, he averred that the best interest of the population was the basis of the partnership with the Petroleum Retailers Association.

Singh also affirmed that in line with its social responsibility and its role as catalyst for the economy, Mauritius Telecom had taken on this partnership and would enable the use of my.t money cashless service in filling stations without any commission levied. He recalled that my.t money was a mobile wallet that facilitated cashless payment and management of money through a mobile app and a payment card.

The announcement was made, this afternoon, at the Telecom Tower in Port Louis, in a joint press conference, by Singh and the President of the Petroleum Retailers Association, Bhimraj Sunnassee.