Airtel Tanzania invests in 4G network expansion

11 May 2022

Mobile network operator Airtel Tanzania wants to expand its upgraded 4G network coverage across the nation to provide people with better services.

The company said it has completed the upgrade of more than 80% of its 4G sites in major regions of Tanzania and wants to continue investing to roll out the high-speed data network throughout the country.

“We have also significantly increased our coverage by increasing the number of sites in rural areas, in line with our commitment to provide affordable mobile services to all Tanzanians,” said Dinesh Balsingh, managing director of Airtel Tanzania.

The company also unveiled investments in improving its data network capacity to provide faster download and upload speeds.

This move is part of the operator’s two-year effort to improve the quality of service on the 4G network in response to strong consumer demand for broadband. The company initiated its “Supa 4G” project in February 2021, enabling it to offer people much better quality services, with Internet speeds of over 40 Mb/s. “Fast and reliable Internet will unlock great digital opportunities for our customers,” Balsingh added.

The telco said that by improving the quality of service on the 4G network, it aims to build customer loyalty and attract new consumers who will increase its market share and enable it to take over the top spot from Vodacom.

According to the latest data from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), the subsidiary of Indian telecom group Bharti Airtel is the second largest player in the national market with a 27.2% share compared to Vodacom’s 29.4%.