‘The perfect wireless enterprise solution’

15 June 2022

Allied Telesis brings to market the TQ6702 GEN2 Wi-Fi 6 (8x8) wireless Access Point. The company reckons the eight spatial streams on the solution enhance performance, “placing the device at the top of the class for bandwidth”. What’s more, the firm says support for real-time applications like streaming video makes the TQ6702 GEN2 ideal for education, healthcare, manufacturing and busy commercial environments. Allied Telesis also says the high-throughput TQ6702 GEN2 maximises the benefit of Channel Blanket technology without compromising on overall performance. It joins other “hybrid” access points in the Allied Telesis range that offer compatibility with legacy wireless clients and interference-free high-density AP installations. “We’ve combined the power of Wi-Fi 6 and 8 spatial streams with our Autonomous Wave Control (AWC) wireless management platform,” says Chris Dyke, sales director UK & Ireland at Allied Telesis. “AWC enables a self-tuning wireless network that automatically reconfigures itself for the best possible performance. With our Channel Blanket (AWC-CB) technology, a high-capacity single wireless blanket can connect all devices in a building without worrying about interference or limited capacity. It’s truly ‘seamless roaming’.” The new TQ6702 GEN2 Wi-Fi 6 access point joins Allied Telesis’ existing range of enterprise, small business, and outdoor access points. alliedtelesis.com