Orange Côte d’Ivoire opens Orange 5G Lab

05 October 2022

Orange Côte d’Ivoire has opened the Orange 5G Lab, a collaborative space for businesses, start-ups and digital professionals.

The lab site will host a 5G demo space for business sectors, conferences, training, co-working sessions, co-innovation and practical 5G application sessions. The fully equipped space is expected to play a valuable role in developing practical 5G applications as the market anticipates 5G network rollout nationally in 2023.

The 5G Lab has been designed around two principles: allowing economic players to discover new possibilities enabled by 5G and the way it could positively impact their activities; and supporting businesses keen to experiment with 5G’s potential for their product or service. Orange 5G Lab offers services and support to economic players devised with expert partners such as Huawei, Nokia or ZTE.

“We recognise that 5G is a new opportunity for businesses eager to diversify, optimise or revitalise their activity,” said Mamadou Bamba, CEO of Orange Côte d’Ivoire. “To support them, it is crucial that this space offers ready-to-use tools and allows the results of these experiments to be assessed in a practical fashion. This initiative reflects our historic commitment to digital inclusion. We aim to foster innovation and help create value within the local ecosystem.”