Airtel Gabon looks to extend network

02 November 2022

Airtel Gabon is negotiating with the Gabonese government to obtain 165 plots to extend its network coverage in the country.

The extension of its network would enable Airtel Gabon to improve the quality of the services provided to its subscribers and to acquire new ones. This comes amid increased competition in the local market where the coverage rate of services remains a major challenge despite the high penetration of mobile at 165.5%.

“We have requested the support of the authorities to see to what extent they can support us so that the allocation of its sites can be done as quickly as possible, so that we can launch our construction projects for these sites,” said Amade Koussoube, CEO of Airtel Gabon.

According to the Market Observatory of the Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (ARCEP), for the first quarter of 2022, Airtel Gabon had 1.4 million subscribers or 48.62% of the market share. Moov Africa Gabon Telecom controls 51.38% of the market with its 1.5 million subscribers.