Acting CEO of Icasa appointed

04 November 2022

Norman Gidi has been appointed as acting CEO of the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) as of 1 September. Gidi will assume leadership until the end of November, or until a permanent appointment is made.

Former boss Willington Ngwepe has departed to serve as MTN’s chief of staff in the office of Group CEO Ralph Mupita. He had been at Icasa for eight years, joining first as COO.

“Gidi brings a wealth of Icasa-specific knowledge and experience to the acting role, having been with the authority for more than 12 years,” said Icasa in a statement.

Gidi joined the Icasa in 2009, first as a senior manager handling licensing issues for broadcasters, telecom operators and postal services. According to Icasa, Gidi is an admitted advocate of the High Court of South Africa since 2009. Since joining, he has held several positions, namely executive: legal, risk and CCC (LRCCC) in 2017, and as of 2021, executive: policy research and analysis.

“On behalf of both myself and Council, I wish to extend my congratulations, support and well wishes to Adv. Gidi on his new role. I know that he can count on the cooperation and assistance of both staff at ICASA and the wider stakeholder community during this time,” said the acting chairperson of Icasa, Charley Lewis.