Ericsson solves network challenges with AI app suite

07 November 2022

Ericsson has launched its Service Continuity AI app suite, the latest addition to its network support services portfolio, in order to simplify technology challenges for service providers. The suite utilises AI and machine learning (ML) to identify issues and provide predictive and pre-emptive support before they impact network performance.

The app suite is divided into five categories: insights; performance; assurance; self-healing; and energy efficiency. Each AI app is an intelligent algorithm created jointly with communications service providers to spot and address potential network issues quickly. The algorithms work within specific parameters to elevate performance in line with the goals of the service provider. An AI app is operational 24/7, ensuring complete oversight of the network, otherwise challenging without automation.

One of the apps is CPRI/SFP failure prevention, which identifies risks of service outage due to CPRI link failure that could adversely affect user experience. Usually, an outage would require an emergency site visit, but with the app, the service provider is able to monitor all relevant links path loss trends, and a site visit is only required once certain thresholds are passed. This can cut costs per site visit by around 30%, while the reduced downtime will enhance user experience and overall network performance and stability.

Other apps measure and analyse energy efficiency per site to deliver detailed insights into the root cause of any inefficiency. Ericsson has measured daily power savings as high as 15% with a European service provider by utilising the automated energy-savings function of an AI app that enables intelligent activation of the radio’s deep sleep feature.

“Ericsson Service Continuity with its human-guided AI/ML network intelligence will empower our customers to think in data to constantly improve performance while adapting to changing market conditions,” said Nello Califano, head of strategy & portfolio management, business area networks at Ericsson. “Our suite of AI apps will continue to grow as we create new ones together with our customers. We focus on the outcome, creating simplicity for scale.”