Meta’s 2Africa cable lands in Egypt

24 November 2022

The 2Africa fibre optic submarine cable system from Meta has landed in Egypt, in Ras Ghareb, in the governorate of the Red Sea.

“Investing in undersea cables gives more people access to faster internet, and 2Africa is a perfect example of our innovative partnership model where everyone benefits from the development of the technological infrastructure to be at the industry-leading in routes, capacity and flexibility,” said Fares Akkad, regional director for the Middle East and North Africa region at Meta.

The landing of 2Africa in Ras Ghareb will be followed in a few months by a second landing of the cable in Port-Saïd, on the Mediterranean Sea. Ras Ghareb and Port Said landing stations will be linked by two trans-Egypt land routes adjacent to the Suez Canal.

The arrival of 2Africa in Egypt is part of the progressive deployment of the cable with a view to its commissioning in 2024. It follows successful landings in Genoa, Italy, Barcelona, Spain, and Marseille, France. In the coming months, the cable will be extended to a total of 46 locations in Africa, Europe and Asia.

Once commissioned, 2Africa is expected to strengthen the country's internet infrastructure and increase the country's capacity for high-speed internet connectivity.